Project Management & IT solutions


Koserto was funded in 2004 by Jean-Sébastien Neveu, Project Management Professional, certified as such by the Project Management Institute. What you get with Koserto is 18 years of extremely relevant experience ranging the full spectrum of software development activities with a marked emphasis on sound project management practices. IT projects falling short of expectations usually suffer more from deficiencies in project management than deficiencies in technical skills. Because the goal is to deliver, we view all aspects of project management, including change management and requirements management, as the essential building blocks on which to rest your success.

First trained as a software engineer at Polytechnic School of Montréal, JS Neveu completed his technical training with a degree in project management from U. of Berkeley in California. You will find more details in his résumé, which is available in both english (Word, PDF) and french (Word, PDF) for your convenience. Alternatively, you can also view his LinkedIn profile for a quick overview of his numerous projects and satisfied customers.

One philosophy: Excellence

We are obsessed with your business objectives. To us, technology is a mean to further your business, not the opposite, a situation unfortunately all-too-frequent that often contributes to derail projects, small and large alike. Koserto's mission and vision emphasize this focus on business first, technology second. Over the years we have also acquired experience in business analysis, enterprise architecture and change management exactly so we could ensure those systems we develop actually DO improve your business. That said, his training and solid techical background make Jean-Sébastien Neveu the ideal project manager to lead a technical team towards satisfaction of your business goals. And if need be, we can also draw on our network of technical partners to deliver your turn-key solution.

A network, a team

Beyond a single man, Koserto also draws on a network of talented individual with assorted competencies to offer you a one stop shopping experience for everything IT: Business modeling, requirements analysis and management, systems architecture, design and construction, business development, change management, process improvement and of course, project management. You name it. According to your wishes, we can offer turnkey solutions or jump in to assist in your own initiatives.